Ballroom Pants - 15

$ CAD116.00

Ballroom Pants - 15 Ballroom dance trousers for standard Material: Oil jersey and leopard mesh;Features: Flared to the bottom with a stitched belt, with an elastic band 4 cm wide.L..

Girl's Competition Dress 47

$ CAD160.00

Girl's Competition Dress Guipure dance dress. This dress model is completely covered with guipure. Cape neck front and back. The bottom of the skirt on regiline. Size: 30-44 ..

Latin Dresses 41 k

$ CAD122.00

Latin Dress Latin dress for girls on a leotard with a round neckline on the front and a deep v-neckline on the back, sleeveless. Drapery on the right side and a high slit that reveals the..

Latin Dresses 42 k

$ CAD120.00

Latin Dress Latin dress  for girls with an adjacent silhouette with an asymmetrical bottom, with a sleeve length of 3/4. Crew neckline, open back. The edge  is processed wi..

Latin Dresses 43 k

$ CAD157.00

Latin Dress Latin dress for girls with one shoulder, sleeve, oblique skirt, bottom trimmed with fringe 15 cm - in color version fringe with a loop, in black version trimmed fringe. T..

Latin Dresses 44 k

$ CAD120.00

Latin Dress Latin dress, close-fitting silhouette, sleeveless, O-shaped neckline. At the bottom of the dress, a flounce of six wedges in the form of "arches" is sewn, finished with an ope..

Latin Dresses 45 k

$ CAD115.00

Latin dress with open back, with straps. Gode skirt with 3 cm wide regilin, sewn into the hem. The product is made of printed jersey with oil polka dots, shoulder straps are made of soft vel..

Latin Dresses 46 k

$ CAD183.00

Latin dress, fitted silhouette, one shoulder, with an asymmetrical skirt, panties included. The product is made of oil jersey, a yoke and an insert along the waistline made of a rose mesh, o..

Latin Dresses 47 k

$ CAD170.00

Latin Dress Latin dress made of oil jersey. The original insert on the belt is made of decorative striped mesh, duplicated with a beige oil jersey. Four wedges in the decorative stripe..

Latin Dresses 48 k

$ CAD133.00

Latin Dress Latin dance dress  for girls with one sleeve and shoulder strap, asymmetrical neckline and bottom of the dress. Draperies are sewn into the side seams, which are crowned wi..

Latin Dresses 49

$ CAD135.00

Latin dance dress with close-fitting silhouette, above the knee length, short sleeves, v-neckline on the back. Panties included. The product is made of jersey with a colored leopard pri..

Latin Dresses 50 K

$ CAD181.00

Dress for Latin with semi-adjacent silhouette, above the knee length, without sleeves, without a collar, with a sewn shuttlecock, asymmetrical bottom processed with a regilin 3 cm wide in he..

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