Ladies Dance Shoes

Ladies Dance Shoes
Ladies Dance Shoes

Roxy - Air Mesh - IDS

$ CAD219.00

'Roxy' is a higher-heeled shoe for those that prefer teaching and practicing in heels more similar to what they compete in. Our famous 'Heather' and 'Heather-Split' are made with the 1.5" ..


$ CAD148.00

jazz is  elegantly styled jazz shoe, built with exceptional comfort which comes from using specially developed insoles made with soft foam throughout, with extra under the forefoot and ..


$ CAD148.00

Tempo is the ultimate shoe for teaching and practice for both men and ladies, designed and engineered to keep you moving comfortably for the long hours on the ballroom floor, and all while l..

Galex - Emma - Tan-Satin - Heel - Slim 7cm

$ CAD160.00

Galex -  professional Emma-H Italian design Latin Dance Shoes Color - shiny  Tan-Satin long stripe for more support , light weight , ultra flexible gel cushion Heel - Sl..

Galex - Emma-H - Flesh Satin - Heel - Flare 5cm Galex - Emma-H - Flesh Satin - Heel - Flare 5cm Sale

Galex - Emma-H - Flesh Satin - Heel - Flare 5cm

$ CAD120.00$ CAD180.00

Galex - Emma-HLatin Dance Shoes Color - flesh satinHeel - Flare 5cmDifferent Heel type can be ordered by special orderMade in Europe    ..

Galex - Emma-T-Bar - Tan-Satin - Heel - Slim 6cm

$ CAD160.00

Galex - Emma-T-BarLatin Dance Shoes Color - Tan-SatinHeel - Slim 6cmDifferent Heel types can be ordered by special orderMade in Europe    ..

Heather - Air Mesh - IDS

$ CAD209.00

Heather AirMesh material is our softest and most breathable material ever. Specially developed for teaching and practice, this shoe is ultra light, amazingly comfortable and features th..

IDS - Heather Split - Leopard - 1.5" heel

$ CAD209.00

The ‘Heather Split-Sole’ is a split-sole version of our traditional teaching and practice shoe and is widely used across all levels of dancing around the world. It offers comfort, stabilit..

Badras - Black Suede - 1.5

$ CAD184.00

Classic lower flared heel for extra stability Closed toe for extra comfort Single ankle strap gives the illusion of a higher heel Manufacturer merlet Availability I..

Coral - Multi Glitter / Black Nubuck - 1.6 inch

$ CAD178.00

T-bar for extra support and stability Peep toe provides more protection and comfort Lower heel height of 1-5/8" Fits slightly wider than average. Manufacturer freed Avail..

Ebela - Merlet of Flance - Black Suede / Crystals - 1.5 inch

$ CAD184.00

Elegant closed toe style with an eye-catching highlight of crystals across the front of the shoe. The suede material and the crystal highlight, makes a very elegant shoe, depite its..

Flavia - Tan Satin - 2" Heel

$ CAD204.00

Five Strap vamp for added support Adaptable strap which can come under the foot (as pictured) but can also run straight across the ankle or around the ankle Ultra flexible Lightweight ..

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