Ladies Dancewear

Ladies Dancewear
Ballroom Pants - 14 Ballroom Pants - 14 Sale

Ballroom Pants - 14

$ CAD90.00$ CAD100.00

Ballroom Pants - 14 Women's trousers for the standard, warehouses are made on the front halves. A decorative detail imitating the smell is sewn into the right side. The product is mad..

Ballroom Pants - 15

$ CAD95.00

Ballroom Pants - 15 Ballroom dance trousers for standard Material: Oil jersey and leopard mesh;Features: Flared to the bottom with a stitched belt, with an elastic band 4 cm wide. ..

Ballroom Warm-UP - 02

$ CAD65.00

Warm-up jacket. Made of angora fabric, with long sleeves, stitched belt with ties.Made in Europe..

Ballroom Warm-UP - 03

$ CAD45.00

A warm-up jacket with long sleeves, a round neck with piping, and a velour belt are sewn along the bottom of the product. The product is made of an angora jersey.Made in Europe..

Gaiter - 01

$ CAD35.00

Warming up leggings, made of angora, medium length (above the knee) with a hole under the heel or heel. Color: as in Catalog  Made in Europe...

Latin Dresses 41

$ CAD110.00

Latin Dress Latin dress on a leotard with a round neckline on the front and a deep v-neckline on the back, sleeveless. Drapery on the right side and a high slit that reveals the bottom of..

Latin Dresses 43

$ CAD110.00

Latin Dress Latin dress with one shoulder, bat sleeve, oblique skirt, bottom trimmed with fringe 15 cm - in color version fringe with a loop, in black version trimmed fringe. The dre..

Latin Dresses 46

$ CAD130.00

Latin dress, fitted silhouette, one shoulder, with an asymmetrical skirt, panties included. The product is made of oil jersey, a yoke and an insert along the waistline made of a rose mesh, o..

Latin Dresses 47

$ CAD130.00

Latin dress made of oil jersey. The original insert on the belt is made of decorative striped mesh, duplicated with a beige oil jersey. Four wedges in the decorative striped mesh. The b..

Latin Dresses 48

$ CAD90.00

Latin Dress Latin dance dress with one sleeve and shoulder strap, asymmetrical neckline and bottom of the dress. Draperies are sewn into the side seams, which are crowned with a metal ring ..

Latin Skirt 09

$ CAD120.00

An elegant and bright Latin skirt Panties sewed inComposition: 94% Polyester, 6% SpandexWash at 30°C..

Latin Top-23

$ CAD75.00

Latin Top Sleeveless Latin top with straps, the top draped neckline on the front. The back is made of guipure "cilia", duplicated with a beige oil jersey. Top with a stitched belt at ..

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